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Buy Online Lumigan Eye Drop (Bimatoprost) 0.03%

Lumigan 0.03% Opthalmic contains Bimatoprost which is an anti-glaucoma medication that helps in reducing high pressure in the eye just like Careprost eye drops. It can be used as it is or with other drops named beta-blockers which also helps in reducing pressure. Our eyes contain a watery liquid that is used to feed the eye. This liquid is frequently changed and new liquid is created inside the eyes. The pressure inside the eyes builds up if the liquid is not drained out quickly. Please do not wear contact lenses while applying these eye drops. Buy Lumigan eye drops online from our online store.

Do follow your doctor’s instructions while using glaucoma eye drops Lumigan. This medicine is specially made up for eyes. This medicine helps you to grow your eye lashes and helps to darken the lashes and skin areas around the eyelids. Also helps you to darken the colour of your iris over time. These changes may be permanent. One must consult your doctor before using this. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 years are not recommended to use this product. Buy Lumigan eyelash growth serum in order to grow your eyelashes.

How Does Lumigan 0.03% Ophthalmic Works?

Lumigan 0.03% Opthalmic reduces the pressure inside the eye by increasing the amount of liquid that is evacuated. When the high pressure is not reduced, it might lead to glaucoma, an eye disease that may permanently harm your sight. Buy Lumigan eyelash growth serum to reduce the high pressure in the eyes. Lumigan bimatoprost reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) by increasing aqueous humour outflow through the trabecular meshwork and uveoscleral channels in humans. Buy online Lumigan eye drops available at our online store along with Bimat eye drops.

Directions For Use:

Use Lumigan bimatoprost as per your doctor’s recommendation. Do not use this medication without consulting your doctor, as it has some side effects. Though, not everyone gets affected by this medicine. Use generic Lumigan eye drops every day in the evening, one drop in each eye. This is the dose recommended by the doctors. Do not use more than once a day as it might reduce the effectiveness of this medication. Buy online Lumigan eye drops from Just Care Prost.

Possible Side Effects Of Lumigan 0.03% Ophthalmic

  • Bit redness and itchiness in eye
  • Allergic reaction
  • Headaches
  • Dry, burning eyes
  • Eye pain or irriatation

Ways to Manage Side Effects of Glaucoma Eye Drops Lumigan

Itchy eyes:

Apply a cold, wet washcloth to your eyes or rinse them with preservative-free saline water. Avoid rubbing your eyes frequently.

Feeling sick (nausea) or indigestion:

Stick to basic meals and avoid items that are rich or spicy.

Drowsiness or dizziness:

Get up and move about to feel more awake, and take short naps to help you feel less sleepy. To avoid exhaustion, take a break from your computer and eat a good meal to boost your energy.

Warning & Precautions:

Pregnancy: Must consult your doctor during your pregnancy before using this medication. Read the prescription before using this.

Breastfeeding: It is not recommended to use Lumigan 0.03%, if you are breastfeeding a child, unless it is important. Must discuss the side effects or risks of using this medication with your doctor.

Driving And Using Machines: While using Lumigan 0.03%, one might feel blurry vision for a short time. Do not drive or use a machine for the initial period after applying the medication.

Kidney: In patients with severe kidney illness, Lumigan 0.03 percent OPHTHALMIC should be used with precaution. For more information, ask your doctor.

Liver: In patients with severe liver disease, Lumigan 0.03 percent OPHTHALMIC should be taken with caution. Seek guidance from your doctor.

Allergy: If you are allergic to Bimatoprost or any of the other ingredients in this medicine, you should not use it.

Heart Disease: In patients with serious cardiac problems, Lumigan eye drops generic should be used with caution. For more information, consult a doctor.


  • Breathing difficulties
  • Eye problems

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