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Our eyes are integral body organs that allow us to see and are necessary for vision. When it comes to eye drops, we should always use good quality eye drops for our eyes. The Bimat Eye Drop is a Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution; it is a brand-new product in the Ophthalmic solution collection. It can treat or cure certain kinds of eye conditions like thinning of eyelashes, falling of eyelashes, reduction of pressure in the eyes of adults, and Glaucoma. 

Product Price List

Bimat Eye Drop – 1 Bottle/s

$25 Bottle

$25 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 2 Bottle/s

$23 Bottles

$46 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 3 Bottle/s

$22 Bottles

$66 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 4 Bottle/s

$21 Bottles

$84 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 5 Bottle/s

$20 Bottles

$100 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 6 Bottle/s

$19 Bottles

$114 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 8 Bottle/s

$17 Bottles

$136 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 10 Bottle/s

$14 Bottles

$140 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 12 Bottle/s (Free Shipping)

$12.92 Bottles

$155 (USD)

Bimat Eye Drop – 24 Bottle/s (Free Shipping)

$11.88 Bottles

$285 (USD)

What is Bimat eye drops for?

Bimat is a new product in our Ophthalmic collection. It treats a certain condition or a problem of thinning and rapidly falling eyelashes. Bimat eye drops go through the surface, attach themselves to the hair particles of the eyelashes, and reduce as well as encourage hair growth.

Bimat is also primarily used to lessen the high pressure present in the eyes of adults that suffer from Glaucoma. Without Bimatoprost eye drops being used to maintain and ease this pressure in the eyes, a person’s vision can be damaged and in some cases be driven to blindness.

How does Bimat eye drops work?

With regular use of Bimatoprost eyelash serum which is a part of the group of prostaglandin medicine, you will see a difference in the density of the eyelashes. When it’s used it greatly increases the flow of the right fluids into the bloodstream. This ensures that the hair follicles in the eyelashes receive proper nourishment for strengthening as well as increased growth. Lumigan eye drops are another eye product that helps in reducing high pressure in the eye.

By significantly reducing the pressure in the eyes Bimat eye drops Ajanta improves the flow of fluids to your eyelashes, helping them grow faster and denser than before. Bimat eyelash growth serum not only helps with the growth of your eyelashes but also prevents infections as well as any pain or stress in the eyes. You can also check our other eye product which is Careprost eye drop which also helps you to achieve longer, darker eyelashes.

How to use the Bimat Eye Drops & what you shouldn’t do

  • Apply this Bimatoprost eye drops only to the naked eye (without wearing glasses or lenses)
  • Always take a few drops of bimatoprost eyelash serum on the applicator first, then gently apply it onto the line of your upper eyelashes. Do not insert the drops into the eyes, that’s not how it works. (Applicators are available on our website, you can only use them once per use to prevent any infection so buy them accordingly)
  • After applying bimatoprost eyelash serum on the eyelashes, blink a few times to spread it evenly into both sides of the eyelashes (upper side and lower side). Gently wipe away any excess fluid with a cloth.
  • Apply the eye drops daily, if you miss a day do not try to double dose as that could be harmful and unnecessary.
  • If you also use any other eye medicine, always make sure that you do not mix both, and keep a time distance of at least 10 minutes before you use the other one.
  • Always make sure that you do not drop the applicator and that it is clean before you use it.
  • Use it for a full course cycle to see the favored effects of Bimat Eye Drops.

Uses of Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

There are a variety of uses of the bimatoprost ophthalmic solution that are listed below. Scroll down to know further.

  • This particular solution is used for treating Glaucoma; it is a category of eye conditions that damages your optic nerve. In this eye condition, fluid is built in the front part of your eye thereby damaging the nerve connecting the eye to the brain. 
  • It is also used for treating the thinning and reduction of eyelashes. It stimulates and accelerates hair growth in our eyelashes. 
  • It is basically used to lessen the pressure present in the eyes of adults. 

Bimat Eye Drop Composition

The Bimat Eye Drop consists of the Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03% w/v. 

Dosage of Bimat Eye Drop

You can use the bimat eye drop in the following mentioned steps:

  • You should apply the bimat eye drop to the naked eye without wearing the lenses. 
  • Take a few drops of this solution on the applicator and apply it on the line of your upper eyelashes. 
  • Do not put these drops directly in your eyes. 
  • Blink your eyelashes at least two to three times after applying the bimat eye drops in order to spread them evenly throughout your eyelashes. 
  • You should apply the eye drops once regularly. Just don’t try to overdose on it. 
  • Keep a time gap of at least 10 minutes in between any other eye drops, if you are taking any.
  • Make sure to clean the applicator of these drops before every single use.
  • Follow the prescriptions or advice of your doctor while using these eye drops. 

Benefits of Using Bimat Eye Drops

There are a number of benefits of using bimat eye drops, and they are listed below.

  • These drops lessen the high pressure that is present in the eyes of the people. 
  • It is beneficial for the persons who are suffering from the eye condition, namely Glaucoma. 
  • It resolves the problem of thinning and falling of eye lashes. 
  • It accelerates the hair growth of your eyelashes. 
  • Regular usage of these drops prevents any sort of infection and pain in your eyes. 
  • You can get thick eye lashes by using this wonderful product.

Possible Side-Effects of Bimat Eye Drops

  • An allergic reaction (go to the doctor immediately)
  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Excessive watering of the eyes
  • A burning sensation
  • Excessive dryness
  • Conjunctival hyperemia
  • Brown discoloration in the iris
  • Eyelids may darken excessively
  • Temporary blurred vision

Safety Tips for Buying Bimat Eye Drops

You should always keep in mind to buy these bimat eye drops from a good-quality company brand as we should not take any risk when it comes to purchasing products for our eyes. Some famous brands that sell high-quality bimatoprost ophthalmic eye solutions are listed below:

  • Bimat
  • Care Prost
  • Carelash
  • Xlash

Buying Guide of Bimat Eye Drops

The best online medical store from which you can buy high-quality bimat eye drops is JustCareProst. It is one of the renowned online stores for selling high-quality and affordable medicinal products or medicines. Our company also sells the applicators of the Bimat eye drops or serum. All these products are available here at affordable prices. So, just grab your eye drops and applicators with no doubt from us. We assure customer satisfaction along with good results. 

Things to keep in mind before buying Bimat Eye Drops

  • Always make sure to buy these Bimatoprost eye drops from a quality brand that is genuine and known for it. Some of them are Bimat, Care Prost, Carelash, and Xlash. Don’t try to buy an unusually cheaper product as that might be risky for your eyes and can do some serious damage.
  • Make sure to get Bimat 0.03% 3ml solution and not any other similar product. Check the dates to make sure it isn’t an expired product because that can be dangerous.

You can get your hands on the Bimat Eye Drops at JustCareProst. Not only can you be assured of getting quality products, but the costs are also affordable. You can even check for refills of Bimat eyelash growth serum and applicators together to get it at discount. JustCareProst is the best online store to buy Bimat Eye Drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for these Bimat Eye Drops to give results?

The answer to this question is that if you regularly use this product without any gap, then you would see the favorable results within three to four weeks of regular usage.

Are there any side effects of Bimat Eye Drops?

There are no guaranteed side effects of this product. However, minor irritation or a burning sensation may occur, which is totally normal as per the composition of this product. So, there is no need to worry about this. 

What are the storage instructions for these Bimat Eye Drops?

You should store these drops at room temperature of 20 to 28-degree celsius. Avoid keeping it at warmer or hotter temperatures. 

Can we apply the Bimat eye drops while wearing our eye lenses?

No. You should only apply these drops when your eyes are naked. 

What should we do immediately if we notice an allergic reaction after immediately applying the Bimat Eye Drops?

You should immediately rinse your eyes with cold water or splash cold water directly into your eyes. Afterward, gently wipe your eyes with a clean cloth or aloe vera wipes. If further irritation persists, then kindly consult the doctor. 




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